Craig Rodin, Owner and Lead Plumber

About Us

Started in 1986, from the share house of Scarborough-based plumbers, Rodin Plumbing is a family-owned business: the owner is the same person solving your plumbing and gas problem.

Covering everything from domestic maintenance to larger commercial projects, we currently service the greater Perth region from our base in Bullsbrook, on the edge of the Swan and Chittering areas, reaching rapidly-growing suburbs like Ellenbrook, Aveley and Henley Brook.

With nearly 40 years of experience, our construction industry knowledge is long and varied. We have worked in domestic maintenance, renovations, commercial and residential builds, solving hundreds of plumbing and gas problems with know-how and grit.

In the commercial sector alone, we have provided services on projects as varied as abattoir expansion, seafood production storage, small shopping centres, office buildings, bars and restaurants, fast food franchises, service stations, mining camps, car washes and transport depots.

All of this is to say: We are experienced yet open to all types of work. We take on projects that require an hour of labour through to more ambitious designs that have stretched upward of two years.

Ultimately, the heart of our brand is friendly service, careful planning, quality products and considered yet efficient installation. We believe the best value we can provide to our customers is by taking the time to solve your problems once, the right way.

Measure twice; cut once.